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Parent Coaching


Issues and Problems We Can Work On

  • Feeling overwhelmed by parenting and responsibilities

  • Uncertainty on how to cope with a child's emotional issues or crisis situations

  • Disagreements and working with your spouse/partner on how to handle parenting

  • Managing time with kids with time for you and time for your spouse/partner

  • Understanding how to balance responsibilities of one child who has special needs with others who don't


What Happens When We Work Together

We'll start with a free consultation call so we can find the best ways I can support you. In our first session you'll have the opportunity to share more in depth information on what issues are causing the most stress and how we can start working on them together.

After we meet for the first time, how long treatment lasts will depend on what kind of parenting issues you are facing, the intensity of what what you are going through, and how committed you are to therapy and our sessions.


What Sessions Look Like and How They Work

Each session will be the same in some ways and very different in others. Sessions will always include validation and genuinely listening to your concerns, especially because parenting is so hard! We'll look at both what is working and what isn't, not just the negatives. Some sessions might focus more on what you can do to help your child or children, others might highlight the need for self-care and managing your own stress, and some will be teaching new techniques and coping skills.

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