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Clinical Supervision

I currently offer social work supervision in Maryland and the District of Columbia, and can look into supervising in other states if needed. I have supervised both new clinicians and seasoned ones who want ongoing support. I know way too much about the weird and often frustrating licensure system, so feel free to reach with any questions! For more information on supervision check out the supervision FAQs below.

Supervision FAQs

What even is supervision and who needs it?

Supervision is required for those who have graduated with a masters degree and have received a license to practice therapy, but need the required amount of hours to become able to practice on their own. Supervision is also good for those who have been in the field for awhile but would like an extra opinion or support in their work. A supervisor acts as a mentor, offering advice on cases, how to handle and manage stress in the workplace, and being able to balance burnout and self-care.

What happens in a supervision session?

Sessions are 45 minutes to an hour depending on your specific needs and your state's requirements. We can talk about anything from specific cases and caseload management to self-care and boundary setting. My style is warm, supportive, and validating with a mixture of getting important feedback, assessment of your work, and advice on how to change negative patterns in your work.

How long do I have to be supervised for?

The length of supervision depends first on if you are a masters level clinician or independently licensed. For those who are licensed at the masters level, supervision length is set by how many hours you need and when you pass your independent licensure exam. Most states mandate at least 3,000 hours with at least 100 total hours of supervision over a minimum of 2 years. I pride myself on my knowledge of the obscure and very frustrating licensing system, especially since it is is very different from state to state, so feel free to contact me for help or if you have any questions.

For independently licensed clinicians I offer both short and long-term supervision. There is no set amount of time we have to meet for unless you or your employer specify a requirement.

I work somewhere and they don't offer supervision but I need supervision, can you help me?

This is something I have done before and am happy to talk about whatever arrangement works for you and your employer or boss. Sometimes a workplace doesn't have enough staff to supervise, or have stopped offering supervision. Whatever the case is we can look at your situation.

Will you help me when I want to get my full licensure?

Absolutely! As I said above, I really take great pride in how much I know about the ins and outs of the licensing system, especially since each state has different expectations. I'll help you with any forms, documentation, and counting of hours that you need.

How much does supervision cost?

I put this one at the bottom so you had to read the rest of the FAQs...I'm sure this is what you're looking for! Cost is dependent on your situation and specific needs. Often times agencies or workplaces will set the fee I get paid if I'm an outside supervisor and you don't have to pay anything, while someone looking on their own might pay a different fee depending on their financial situation or what kind of practice they are doing. I am open to discussing lower fees for supervision, especially because good supervision is so important and isn't always available!

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