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Individual Therapy for Young Adults


Issues and Problems We Can Work On

  • Depression and sadness

  • Anxiety and worrying

  • Feeling alone

  • Academic stress

  • Balancing day to day life on your own

  • Figuring out relationship and limits with parents

  • Sexuality and gender identity

  • Romantic relationship issues

  • Social life problems

  • Sexual activity

  • Trauma and recovery

  • Substance use

  • Suicidal thinking

  • Self-harm


What Happens When We Work Together

We'll start with a free consultation call so we can find the best ways I can support you. In our first session you'll have the opportunity to share what you are looking for in treatment, share your goals, talk about what is getting in the way, and ask anything you might want to know about me or treatment.

After we meet for the first time, how long treatment lasts will depend on what issues you are dealing with, the intensity of what what you are going through, and how committed you are to therapy and our sessions.


How Much to Involve Parents and Other Supports

Being a young adult puts you in a weird position of how much to rely on parents or other adult support. On one hand you want your independence, on the other they often pay for therapy and still want to be involved in your life. One of the first things we will talk about is how much you want your parents, close family members, and other supports involved in your therapy. We can do anything from just having them pay and get receipts to attending sessions every so often to get updates on your progress.

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