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Family Therapy


Issues and Problems We Can Work On

  • Frequent arguments, fights, and disagreements

  • Improving communication

  • Identifying positives of each family member and the family as a whole

  • Help with living with a family member with special needs

  • Understanding parent and child roles and responsibilities

  • Helping a child and children through tough times

  • Work through a divorce, separation, or death in the family with kids present


What Happens When We Work Together

Family therapy is usually suggested when communication breaks down, there is overall dysfunction, or there is a serious situation that is affecting multiple family members. My style of family therapy is collaborative and I make sure that each member or your family has a seat at the table. At the same time, I don't sugarcoat issues and point out where improvements can be made along with things you can do each week to actually follow through on what we discuss. 


What Sessions Look Like and How They Work

Family sessions can look very different depending on your family's needs and who from your family is attending. I make sure we lay out clear expectations together so we all know what goals we are working towards. Before each session ends, I will often give a practice exercise (I refuse to call it homework - we have enough of that!) The practice exercises make sure that you don't just come to sessions, leave, and say "bye see you next week." You actually get to use what you learn to improve!

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