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How to Start the School and Work Year Right

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

As the weather cools down stress and work load for both teens and adults heat up. The first couple weeks of school and college usually include going over syllabi, while work for adults usually involves the assignment of new projects. This tends to be a honeymoon phase when stress, anxiety, and depression go unnoticed. It isn't until interim reports, first grades, and initial project feedback start coming in mid to late September that the severity of our problems become more apparent.

Do you or your teens tend to:

- appear like everything is going really well the first couple weeks of the fall?

- look or seem more anxious, on-edge, or hiding things as we get further into the fall?

- already start falling behind on work?

The moment we realize these things are happening is typically when teens and parents freak out a bit and begin looking for help. The problem with waiting until problems are that clear is that everyone else is waiting too! Waitlists for mental health services swell in September and October as people recognize they need to take action. That's why it is important to reach out for mental health support now, whether or not a true problem has occurred yet. Better to nip it in the bud before it starts. If you or your teen could use extra support, or want to prepare for the inevitable troubles of the fall, reach out to me and we can figure out next steps.

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